Nakuru County Sets Trends in Financial Autonomy for Health Facilities

Nakuru County is taking the lead in ensuring the financial autonomy of health facilities through the adoption and implementation of the Facility Improvement Fund (FIF). This innovative approach has greatly enhanced the financial independence of hospitals, resulting in an impressive FIF revenue collection of 1.6 billion in the last financial year.

Recognizing the importance of building a strong capacity within Health Facility Management Teams (HMTs) for effective financial management, Governor Susan Kihika’s administration has initiated a comprehensive training program. This training targets HMTs from 15 Level IV hospitals, including the Nakuru County Referral and Teaching Hospital.

Dr. Joy Mugambi, the County Director for Health Administration and Planning, is leading the training sessions, providing participants with insights into the legal and regulatory provisions and standards governing public financial management and health financing in Kenya. The primary goal of this training is to equip HMTs with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize the management of FIF in their respective hospitals.

Nakuru County’s dedication to ensuring the financial autonomy of health facilities reflects its commitment to providing efficient and high-quality healthcare services to its residents. This proactive approach serves as an exemplary model for other counties to follow.

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