Nakuru County Showcases Innovative Health Solutions at UHC Expo Before Mashujaa Day

Innovative Health Solutions in Nakuru

Nakuru County is making waves in the health sector, with groundbreaking initiatives and innovative strategies that are earning it a prominent place in the quest for Universal Health Coverage (UHC). As part of the preparations for this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations, which revolve around the theme of “Universal Health Care,” the County is actively participating in the UHC Expo and Conference in Kericho.

The four-day exhibition is a platform for Nakuru County to demonstrate its remarkable capacity, community health strategies, and primary healthcare initiatives that have proven highly effective in the region. These initiatives highlight the county’s dedication to achieving UHC and providing quality healthcare for its residents.

One of Nakuru’s standout achievements is its exceptional disease surveillance system, which features a highly efficient digitized reporting system for Community Health Services known as Community Event-Based Surveillance. This system has revolutionized how health-related data is collected, monitored, and acted upon in the county. It is a crucial tool in ensuring the health and well-being of Nakuru’s residents.

The exhibition team, led by County Director for Public Health, Elizabeth Kiptoo, and the County Community Health Strategy Focal Person, Ritah Ochola, is showcasing Nakuru’s pioneering work in healthcare. This team includes select Community Health Promoters from Nakuru who have played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of these health initiatives.

The participation of Nakuru County in the UHC Expo not only highlights its commitment to providing universal health coverage but also serves as an opportunity to share its innovative approaches with others. As Nakuru continues to lead the way in the health sector, the county’s efforts are setting a strong example for the rest of Kenya and beyond.

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