Nakuru County Spearheads Comprehensive Mental Health Integration

Prioritizing Mental Health in Nakuru

Nakuru County is taking proactive steps towards a comprehensive and integrated approach to mental health, prioritizing the well-being of its residents. The Department of Health is steadfast in its commitment to implement and uphold the highest standards of mental health care, as outlined in the 2022 Mental Health Policy.

In a recent development, the County Health Management team is currently engaged in a sensitization forum facilitated by MIDRIFT HURINET, aimed at unpacking the intricacies of the mental health policy and establishing pathways for its effective implementation within the county.

County Director for Medical Services, Dr. Daniel Wainaina, emphasized the county’s dedication to addressing existing gaps in mental health services. “Integration and accurate data are pivotal for achieving our goal,” he stated. Dr. Wainaina’s remarks underscore the county’s intention to align mental health initiatives with data-driven strategies, ensuring targeted and effective interventions.

Executive Director of MIDRIFT HURINET, Joseph Omondi, played a key role in highlighting the importance of a multisectoral approach to strengthen mental health referral pathways and maintain advocacy efforts. Omondi stressed the governance aspect of mental health, calling for collaborative efforts among stakeholders to enhance the health budget.

“A united front before, during, and after Public Participation forums is essential for effective mental health governance,” Omondi asserted. This collaborative approach aligns with Nakuru County’s commitment to inclusivity and community involvement in shaping mental health policies and services.

As Nakuru County strives to implement the Mental Health Policy, the ongoing sensitization forum marks a significant step in ensuring that mental health is integrated into the broader healthcare landscape. By addressing the governance, advocacy, and integration aspects, Nakuru aims to set a precedent for mental health care excellence and inclusivity in Kenya

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