Nakuru County Stands with Grieving Family After Tragic Accident in eveready

Governor Susan Kihika’s administration, in collaboration with the hospital, made the decision to waive the treatment bills for Brian Obwacha Gakengo, providing much-needed relief to the family during this difficult time. The gesture exemplifies a commitment to supporting families in times of crisis and alleviating the burdens associated with unexpected tragedies.

In a heartfelt moment today, Chief Officer for Public Participation, Edward Gitau, representing H.E. Governor Susan Kihika, led a delegation to visit the grieving family in Menengai West Ward, Rongai Subcounty, to offer condolences and support. Chief Officer Gitau conveyed Governor Kihika’s deepest sympathies, assuring the family that the Governor stands ready to extend support to all affected families.

The Obwacha Gakengo family expressed profound gratitude for the support and compassion shown by Governor Susan Kihika and Nakuru County during these trying times. Their appreciation extends beyond the waiver of medical bills to the emotional and moral support provided by the County Government during their time of mourning.

This compassionate gesture not only eases the financial burden on the grieving family but also serves as a testament to the County Government’s commitment to standing with its citizens during moments of adversity. By extending support and solidarity to affected families, Governor Susan Kihika’s administration reinforces the importance of community and compassion in times of tragedy.

As the Obwacha Gakengo family navigates the painful process of mourning the loss of their loved one, they find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their grief. The support and solidarity shown by Governor Susan Kihika’s administration and Nakuru County serve as a beacon of hope amidst darkness, reminding them that they are part of a caring and compassionate community that stands united in both joy and sorrow

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