Nakuru County to Promote Motorsport Education for Enthusiasts

Motorsport in Nakuru

Nakuru County’s Executive Member for Sports, Josephine Achieng, is encouraging sports enthusiasts to embark on a journey of motorsport education. Achieng is urging individuals to enrol in motorsport classes, emphasizing the importance of boosting skills and knowledge in this exciting discipline. The county aims to attract and nurture local talent, contributing to the growth of motorsport in the region.

During a visit to the Rift Valley Motor and Sports Club in Bahati, Achieng expressed her commitment to the development of motorsport in Kenya. She highlighted the burgeoning opportunities within the industry and emphasized the county’s dedication to providing platforms for aspiring individuals, particularly the youth, to pursue careers in motorsport.

Harjit Sagoo, the club’s chairman, disclosed that the motorsport classes will be comprehensive, covering various essential topics. These include driving techniques, car maintenance, safety practices, and competition rules and regulations. The classes are designed to cater to both beginners and experienced drivers, fostering an inclusive learning environment.

As Nakuru County ventures into promoting motorsport education, the initiative is poised to not only enhance the skills of enthusiasts but also contribute to the overall growth and recognition of motorsport as a significant sporting industry in Kenya.

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