Nakuru County to Transform Infrastructure and Services with World Bank-Supported GIS Initiative

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Nakuru County is poised for significant advancements in infrastructure development, public service delivery, resource management, and development planning through a groundbreaking Geospatial Information System (GIS) initiative, supported by the World Bank. In a recent engagement session, officials from the County’s Department of Lands and Physical Planning and the State Department of Housing and Urban Development met with a World Bank delegation to assess the geospatial data needs and potential support areas within the Municipal Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI).

The workshop highlighted the transformative power of GIS in urban planning and development. Chief Officer for Lands and Physical Planning, Ms. Stella Mwaura, emphasized GIS’s critical role in effectively managing urban growth, tackling land encroachments, and fostering public feedback. The initiative promises to streamline public service delivery by providing accurate and up-to-date spatial data, which is essential for informed decision-making and efficient resource allocation.

Governor Susan Kihika’s proactive leadership has been instrumental in positioning Nakuru County as a key beneficiary of this project under the Kenya Urban Support Program (KUSP) second phase. This support is expected to enhance Nakuru’s urban planning capabilities, ensuring sustainable development and improved quality of life for its residents. The GIS initiative is set to revolutionize how the county manages its infrastructure and resources, paving the way for a more organized, responsive, and future-ready urban environment

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