Nakuru County Unveils Satellite Cooling Plant in Kiptagich Ward

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Site handover for construction of cooling plant in Kiptagich Ward


Nakuru County has officially handed over the first phase of the construction of a satellite cooling plant in Kiptagich Ward, Kuresoi South Sub-county. The move is meant to bolster the dairy sector in Nakuru County. The exercise was led by the Director of Livestock Production Virginiah Ngunjiri.

The newly established facility is designed to benefit the Olenguruone Dairy Cooperative Society, a pivotal player in the local milk industry. The cooperative, boasting a membership of 1,072, aggregates an impressive 8,600 liters of milk per day, each priced at Ksh 50 per liter.

The project, with an estimated cost of sh2,000,000, encompasses the construction of the structure up to the roofing level, adhering to the stringent standards set by the Kenya Dairy Board. The facility’s strategic location in Kiptagich Ward positions it to efficiently collect and store milk, ensuring the preservation of its quality.

The Olenguruone Dairy Cooperative Society, known for its essential role in bulking, chilling, and selling milk, primarily serves the Kuresoi South region. The cooperative has emerged as a vital link in the dairy value chain, supporting local farmers and contributing to the economic growth of the community.

This initiative aligns with Nakuru County’s commitment to fostering sustainable agricultural practices and empowering local cooperatives. The satellite cooling plant represents a collaborative effort to enhance the dairy sector’s capacity, promote economic resilience among farmers, and contribute to the overall development of Kiptagich Ward and the surrounding areas.

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