Nakuru County’s Bold Step Towards Youth Empowerment in Sports

In an initiative led by Nakuru County Chief Officer for Youth and Sports, Ms. Stellah Mwaura, the Keringet Stadium in Kuresoi South Sub- County became a hub of excitement as sports equipment distribution took center stage. The event, which unfolded in the vibrant atmosphere of Amalo, Kiptagich, Keringet, and Tinet Wards, marked a significant stride towards fulfilling the vision of H.E Governor Susan Kihika in empowering the youth through sports.

The beneficiaries of this endeavors spanned across various disciplines, with Football, Volleyball, and athletics taking the spotlight. From football balls to shoes, tracksuits to sports shoes, and uniforms to volleyball nets and balls, the array of distributed equipment reflected a comprehensive effort to cater to the diverse sporting interests within the community.

Ms. Stellah Mwaura’s plea to the MCAs to allocate increased funds to the sports funds kitty in the upcoming financial year resonated with the broader vision set forth by Governor Susan Kihika. The emphasis on investing in sports not only aligns with the Governor’s agenda but also signifies a commitment to harnessing and nurturing the abundant talents residing within Nakuru County.

During the distribution event, attendees witnessed a gathering of key figures committed to the cause of youth empowerment through sports. Acting County Sports Director David Kimani, Hon. Robert Langat (Amalo Ward MCA), Sub- County Administrator Ann Keitany, Athletics Kenya (AK) and FKF Representatives, Sports officers, Ward Administrators, and Governor’s coordinators were among the figures present.

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