Nakuru County’s Commitment to Sports Development Shines at Autocross Championships

Sports Development in Nakuru County

Nakuru County Government is taking significant strides to support a variety of sporting activities, aiming to enhance the county’s identity, pride, integration, and cohesion. The Chief Officer for Youth, Ms Stella Mwaura, along with other county officials, recently attended round two of the Kenya National Autocross championships in Bahati Sub-county.

The event featured participants of all ages, including children as young as seven years old, highlighting the county’s dedication to fostering sporting diversity. The Sports Department expressed its interest in collaborating with the Rift Valley Motorsports Club leadership, emphasizing the importance of discovering, promoting, and nurturing talents, especially among the youth, for both recreation and career development.

In addition to the autocross championships, county leaders attended a Kenya Football Federation Division 1 match between Tisa Boys from Bahati Sub-county and Baraka Roses from Nyandarua County. The Sports Department distributed uniforms to the Tisa Boys team and pledged ongoing support for their upcoming matches.

Josiah Mudianga, captain of Tisa Boys FC, expressed gratitude for the equipment, acknowledging its role in nurturing talent and facilitating their participation in future games. The County’s commitment to sports development continues to be a driving force in promoting a healthy and vibrant community.

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