Nakuru County’s Infrastructure Department Enhances Road Connectivity in Njoro Sub-county

The Nakuru County Department of Infrastructure remains committed to improving road connectivity to facilitate easier mobility within the county. In this regard, the Njoro Sub-county Engineer conducted an inspection of recently constructed access roads in Kihingo ward, Njoro Sub-county.

The roadworks aim to rehabilitate key routes, enhancing trade and reducing travel times between major shopping centres. Notable roads in the project include Kabaka-Mutirima Road, Waka-Kabaka Road, Old Mutiume-Mugomoini-Mutumbu Road, and Wendani Mugomoini-Mutumbu Road.

The extensive project involved bush clearing, grading over 5 km of roads, and gravelling another 5 KM. These efforts represent a significant step towards achieving improved road infrastructure and accessibility within Nakuru County.

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