Nakuru County’s Renewable Energy Revolution

A groundbreaking initiative has been set in motion by Nakuru’s County Department of Environment, Energy, Climate Change, and Natural Resources. In collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (GIZ–CoM SSA), led by Brian Chebor and Derick Ngogang, a transformative journey has begun.

Their mission is SolarPV Feasibility Study and Smart Meter Installation, starting at the Nakuru County Assembly Offices and Molo Sub-County Hospital. They have a vision to extend this initiative to all the 11 sub-counties within Nakuru County.

The installation of smart meters marks a pivotal moment in the county’s pursuit of renewable energy. These meters will generate crucial baseline assessment reports, shedding light on the feasibility of harnessing solar power. The reports will play a vital role in determining the viability of projects in the 17 county-owned facilities that fall under the study’s purview.

The roots of this initiative can be traced back to the launch of the county energy plan in 2022. Nakuru County, determined to bolster its energy security, embarked on a journey to harness the abundant solar energy at its disposal. This endeavor promised not only a more sustainable energy future but also a significant reduction in electricity expenses, ultimately contributing to climate change mitigation.

The stage is set for Nakuru County to become a beacon of renewable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, all thanks to the collaborative efforts of the County Department of Environment, Energy, Climate Change, and Natural Resources, the Covenant of Mayors, under the leadership of Brian Chebor and Derick Ngogang.

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