Nakuru County’s’ resilience response to tragedy and transformative leadership

In the face of adversity, the Department of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance in Nakuru County demonstrated swift and compassionate action following a fire incident that tragically razed James Waithaka’s family home in Naivasha East Ward. Aligning with H.E Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to prompt disaster response, Joyce Ncece, the Chief Officer for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance, led a team in providing crucial support to the affected family.

It included the delivery of essential household items, such as blankets, mattresses, and iron sheets, providing immediate relief to the family. The prompt action by the County Administration garnered praise from neighbors, serving as a powerful testament to the efficacy of collaborative efforts in times of crisis.

Ncece took the opportunity to address the community, urging caution with electrical appliances and emphasizing their role in home fire accidents. She commended residents for their unwavering support of Governor Susan Kihika’s administration, highlighting the strength of solidarity in times of need.

Beyond the immediate disaster response, Ncece encouraged local farmers to leverage the ongoing rains by planting short-season crops, fostering hope for a bountiful harvest in the near future. This proactive approach reflects Nakuru County’s commitment to not only addressing immediate crises but also promoting sustainable practices for long-term community resilience.

During the event, Elder Paul Kariuki expressed gratitude for transformative projects initiated by the county administration. These projects included the establishment of the Munyu Dispensary laboratory, an increase in bursary funds, the grading of Munyu Sission Road, and the construction of a modern toilet block at Ihindu Market. Kariuki’s acknowledgment emphasized the multifaceted impact of Governor Susan Kihika’s leadership on various aspects of community development.

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