Nakuru County’s Strategic Partnership to transform Healthcare

In a landmark move aimed at revolutionizing healthcare services in Nakuru County, Deputy Governor H.E David Kones convened a crucial meeting with prominent figures in the healthcare sector. Among them were Dr. Luqman Lawal from Mayo Clinic and Ian Okello, Managing Director of Standard Medical Group (STANMED). The focus of the meeting was to discuss the burgeoning partnership between Mayo Clinic and StanMed, a key ally of Nakuru County, with the goal of enhancing healthcare facilities and providing state-of-the-art technology in healthcare services for the residents of Nakuru.

Through this collaboration, Nakuru County’s healthcare facilities are poised to benefit from the expertise in the latest digital technology tools, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare services provision. The implementation of these cutting-edge technologies is also expected to streamline operations, thereby alleviating the financial burden on patients and lightening the workload of healthcare professionals.

Moreover, the partnership will explore the possibility of establishing an exchange program that will enable physicians to receive training in the latest medical technologies at one of the world’s premier medical facilities. Deputy Governor Kones has expressed his appreciation for this collaboration, stating that it will position Nakuru County as a center of healthcare excellence from which neighboring counties can draw inspiration. He emphasized Nakuru County’s commitment, under the leadership of Governor Susan Kihika, to transforming healthcare services by collaborating with partners to achieve this objective.

In addition to Deputy Governor Kones, Chief Officer for Medical Services John Murima and County Director for Medical Services Dr. Daniel Wainaina were also present at the meeting. Their participation underscores the importance of this partnership in the eyes of Nakuru County’s leadership and the dedication to leveraging external expertise to advance the healthcare sector.

The benefits of this collaboration are manifold. Firstly, residents of Nakuru County stand to gain access to cutting-edge healthcare technologies and improved services, leading to better health outcomes and overall well-being. Secondly, the partnership enhances the reputation and capabilities of Nakuru County’s healthcare facilities, positioning them as leaders in the region. Lastly, the exchange program offers healthcare professionals in Nakuru County the opportunity for continuous learning and skill development, ultimately raising the standard of healthcare delivery across the county.

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