Nakuru County’s Swift Response to Sida Village Fire Tragedy

In a demonstration of solidarity, the Nakuru County Department of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance reached out to a devastated family in Sida village, Eburu Mbaruk Ward, today, following a destructive fire inferno. The timely intervention, led by the administration of Her Excellency Governor Susan Kihika, brought relief and much-needed support to the affected family.

Gratitude filled the air as the family expressed their appreciation for the compassionate gesture, receiving essential items such as mattresses, blankets, iron sheets, and a supply of food. Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to alleviating the hardships faced by her constituents was evident, and the affected family felt the warmth of her administration’s care during this challenging time.

Susan Wangari, a community health promoter in the area, voiced her appreciation for the swift response of the County Government. She emphasized the critical role played by local health initiatives, including the recent distribution of Pyrethrum splits to farmers. This support has proven to be a beacon for the community, aiding them in various ways and fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

The event witnessed the presence of key figures committed to the cause. Edwin Cheruiyot from the Disaster Office, Francis Kiarie representing the Member of County Assembly’s office, and the coordinated efforts of Zakaria Kimani and Meja Ruto from the Enforcement Unit all played pivotal roles in ensuring a seamless and effective response to the crisis.

This collaborative effort showcases the power of community, where government officials, health promoters, and enforcement units work hand in hand to uplift those affected by unforeseen disasters. The unity displayed during this event reflects Nakuru County’s commitment to not only managing disasters but also building a resilient community that can weather any storm.

As Nakuru County continues to stand by its residents in times of need, the story of Sida village becomes a testament to the unwavering spirit of solidarity that defines the region. In the face of adversity, the community remains strong, supported by a responsive and caring administration led by Governor Susan Kihika.

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