Nakuru County’s Vision for Lake Naivasha Fisheries Management Unveils

Nakuru County Government is in the process of developing a fisheries management plan towards ensuring sustainable and optimal utilization of Lake Naivasha Fisheries. This strategic framework aims not only to enhance the long-term livelihoods of the population but also to bolster food and nutritional security in the region.

Leonard Bor, the County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries, took the lead in the first validation meeting of the draft plan. During the session, he emphasized the plan’s significance in regularizing activities around Lake Naivasha, a step towards responsible and sustainable resource management.

“The development of this fisheries management plan is a crucial milestone for Nakuru County. It provides a structured approach to harnessing the potential of Lake Naivasha’s fisheries while ensuring the well-being of our communities and the preservation of our ecosystem,” stated Hon Leonard Bor.

The plan, once approved, is poised to play a pivotal role in improving service delivery efficiency, enhancing productivity, and ensuring the protection of the Lake Naivasha ecosystem. Hon Bor underlined the department’s unwavering commitment to operationalizing the plan, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on the livelihoods of the local population.

In attendance at the validation meeting were key figures instrumental to the plan’s success. County Attorney Caleb Nyamwange, Chief Officer in charge of Livestock, Fisheries, and Veterinary Services Dr. Michael Cheruiyot, and Kennedy Mungai, overseeing Environment, Energy, Climate Change & Natural Resources, all participated in the collaborative effort to shape the future of Lake Naivasha’s fisheries.

The initiative reflects Nakuru County’s dedication to a holistic and sustainable approach to resource management. As communities around Lake Naivasha anticipate the positive outcomes of this fisheries management plan, it stands as a testament to the county’s commitment to fostering a harmonious coexistence between economic development and environmental preservation. The journey towards a thriving and balanced ecosystem in Nakuru County’s prized Lake Naivasha has officially begun.

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