Nakuru County’s Youth and Sports Directorates Launch 100-Day Empowerment Program

Launching the 100-Day Empowerment Program


The directorates of Youth and Sports in Nakuru County, under the leadership of Chief Officer Alex Maina, have unveiled an ambitious 100-day program aimed at socio-economically empowering the youth across the county. This initiative is aligned with the objectives outlined in Governor Susan Kihika’s manifesto, emphasizing equal opportunities, talent nurturing, and diversity in youth development.

During the launch, Chief Officer Alex Maina highlighted the importance of teamwork among the officers in the directorates. He expressed gratitude for the conducive working environment created by the leadership and affirmed their commitment to delivering impactful programs for the youth and all county residents.

The 100-day empowerment program reflects the county’s dedication to fostering holistic development among the youth, focusing not only on sports but also on broader socio-economic aspects. The initiative seeks to create opportunities for skill development, entrepreneurship, and overall well-being, ensuring that the youth are actively engaged in positive and constructive activities.

The officers pledged their unified efforts to make the program a success, emphasizing the transformative role it can play in the lives of young people across Nakuru County. The launch marks a significant step toward realizing the county government’s commitment to empowering its youth and promoting a thriving and inclusive community.

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