Nakuru County’s Youth Empowerment Drive: A 100-Day Progress Report


County Chief Officer for Youth, Sports, Talent, and Resource Mobilization, Pastor Alex Maina, today received the monthly reports from department officers, marking the progress made within the 100-day review period. These reports serve as a scorecard, offering insights into the achievements of the department, particularly in youth empowerment initiatives across the county. They also provide a comprehensive overview of completed, ongoing, and upcoming events within the Directorate.

The reports cover various aspects, including project progression, sports activities, procurement activities, economists’ reports, accounts reports, and youth reports. Notably, in the project progression category, the County has successfully completed five projects. These include the Menengai Youth Textile Hub, Kayole Social Perimeter Wall, Kayole PWD Toilet, London Hill Special School PWD Toilets, and Rongai Stadium Perimeter Wall.

Emphasizing the importance of focus, consistency, and timely completion of projects, Pastor Alex Maina, the Chief Officer, reiterated the department’s commitment to aligning with Governor Susan Kihika’s manifesto of efficient and apt service delivery to the people. By ensuring that projects are executed promptly and effectively, the County aims to meet the needs of its constituents and contribute to the overall development and well-being of the community.

Under the leadership of Governor Kihika, the County Government remains dedicated to empowering youth, fostering talent, and mobilizing resources for sustainable development. Through initiatives led by Pastor Alex Maina and his team, the County is creating opportunities for young people to thrive, participate in sports activities, and contribute to economic growth.

The completion of projects such as the Menengai Youth Textile Hub and the Kayole Social Perimeter Wall reflects the tangible outcomes of the County’s commitment to youth empowerment and infrastructure development. These projects not only provide essential facilities but also create employment opportunities and enhance the quality of life for residents.

Moving forward, the department will continue to prioritize efficiency, transparency, and accountability in its operations. Regular reviews and assessments, such as the 100-day review, enable the County to track progress, identify challenges, and make necessary adjustments to achieve its goals effectively.

As the County progresses with its youth empowerment agenda and infrastructure projects, it remains dedicated to serving its residents with diligence and integrity. Through collaborative efforts between government officials, stakeholders, and the community, Nakuru County strives to build a prosperous and inclusive future for all

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