Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika transforms lives in Hellsgate ward, Naivasha Sub-County


In a resounding testament to her commitment to improving the lives of residents in Naivasha Sub-County, Governor Susan Kihika recently concluded an extensive development tour, culminating in the launch of the Karagita, Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Project (KISIP) water project in Hells Gate Ward. This transformative initiative aims to address critical water accessibility challenges while simultaneously tackling health risks associated with high fluoride levels in local water sources.

The cornerstone of the Karagita KISIP water project is the laying of a 7.8-kilometer water distribution network, stretching from the existing Police line tank. This infrastructure upgrade will significantly enhance water supply services to residents, traders, and educational institutions within the ward. Presently, the water supply stands at 800,000 liters per day, with the new pipeline set to double this capacity to 1.6 million liters per day, ensuring a reliable and sustainable water source for the community.

Crucially, the project incorporates defluoridation processes to mitigate health risks posed by excessive fluoride levels in local water sources. By adhering to safety standards, the initiative guarantees that the water supplied is safe for consumption, safeguarding the health and well-being of residents.

Governor Kihika’s unwavering dedication to uplifting the community extends beyond the Karagita KISIP water project. During her tour, she underscored ongoing development projects, including water works at Karai area, the construction and equipping of Mirera Primary School ECDE center, establishment of motorbike shades, and installation of high mast floodlights. These initiatives not only enhance infrastructure but also contribute to the socio-economic growth of the region.

Furthermore, Governor Kihika remains steadfast in her promises to the people of Naivasha Sub-County. By spearheading initiatives that address pressing challenges and create opportunities for growth, she demonstrates effective leadership and a genuine commitment to improving livelihoods. The upcoming launch of new factories at the Naivasha Industrial Park promises to generate employment opportunities, while the eagerly anticipated Safari Rally series over the Easter holiday will boost tourism and economic activity in the region.

Governor Kihika’s visionary leadership is bolstered by a dedicated team, including Deputy Governor David Kones, County Secretary Dr. Samuel Mwaura, Chief of Staff Dr. Peter Ketyenya, County Executives, Chief Officers, MCAs, and other County Officials. Together, they work tirelessly to translate promises into tangible actions, ensuring sustainable development and prosperity for all residents of Naivasha Sub-County.

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