Nakuru Marks Significant Progress on World Toilet Day as Over 300 Villages are Declared Open Defecation Free

World Toilet Day,

In a milestone event commemorating World Toilet Day, the Department of Health Services in Nakuru County convened in Gatura Village, Elburgon Ward, Molo Sub-county, under the theme “accelerating change.” This gathering underscored the county’s unwavering commitment to fostering improved sanitation within its communities.

Nakuru County has achieved a commendable reduction in open-defecation rates in Elburgon, leading to the declaration of all villages in the sub-county as open-defecation-free zones. This accomplishment reflects the county’s dedication to cultivating a cleaner and healthier environment for its residents, aligning with the global efforts to address sanitation challenges.

Over the past two years, Nakuru County has demonstrated remarkable progress, achieving an outstanding 60 per cent Open Defecation Free (ODF) status across the entire county—a substantial increase from the initial 27 per cent. This notable improvement is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the residents and their commitment to elevating sanitation standards.

Key figures present at the event included County Public Health Officer, George Gachomba, Public Health Emergency Centre Manager, Moses Obiero, and representatives from USAID Tujenge Jamii. The support provided by USAID Tujenge Jamii played a crucial role in attaining these remarkable results, emphasizing the significance of partnerships in community development.

During the commemoration, a significant milestone was reached, with more than 300 villages officially certified as Open Defecation Free since November of the previous year. This certification highlights a shared commitment among the residents to prioritize improved sanitation practices, thereby contributing to the overall well-being of the community. The event served as a testament to Nakuru County’s dedication to accelerating positive change and fostering a hygienic and healthy living environment for its residents.

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