Nakuru Takes Lead in SBDC-Kenya Pilot Program to Empower Small Businesses

SBDC Empowering Small Businesses

Deputy Governor H.E. David Kones, along with Chief Officers Samuel Ndegwa and Martin Kagai, participated in the opening of a crucial workshop for the task force on the establishment of Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) at Sarova Woodlands. The workshop, graced by Principal Secretary Susan Mang’eni from the State Department of MSMEs Development, brought together a high-level delegation from the National Government and representatives from select County Governments, including Nakuru, Makueni, Mombasa, Kisumu, Kiambu, and Isiolo, which are the SBDC-Kenya pilot counties.

Officially opened by Principal Secretary Mang’eni, the workshop is a pivotal step in devising a forward-thinking policy framework geared towards fueling the growth of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) sector. The policy aims to leverage local and export market opportunities, improve access to finance, apply market analytics, and establish a supportive business-enabling policy environment at the county level.

During the workshop, Deputy Governor Kones emphasized the significance of a comprehensive policy framework that considers the geographical, cultural, and economic perspectives of different regions. Recognizing the diverse nature of Kenya’s counties, the SBDC initiative aims to tailor its approach to the unique challenges and opportunities present in each locality.

The SBDC’s key pillars will focus on crucial sectors, including Agriculture, Health, Digital and Creative Economy, Urban Housing, and Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs). By concentrating efforts on these sectors, the initiative aims to address specific needs and opportunities within each industry, fostering sustainable growth and development.

Nakuru County’s active participation in the SBDC-Kenya pilot program showcases its commitment to fostering a thriving environment for small businesses. The insights shared during the workshop and the subsequent policy framework will not only benefit Nakuru but also serve as a model for other counties in Kenya, driving economic empowerment and innovation at the grassroots level.

As the SBDC-Kenya initiative gains momentum, Nakuru County stands at the forefront of this collaborative effort, working towards a future where small businesses play a pivotal role in driving economic development and creating lasting positive impacts in communities.

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