Nakuru’s Vision Unveiled – Viwandani ward

In a dynamic move towards progress, Nakuru County’s top executives recently convened a transformative public engagement event in Viwandani Ward, Naivasha Sub-County, named “Coffee Bar.” The occasion saw the collaboration of key figures, including John Kihagi, the County Executive for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development, and Josephine Achieng, the CECM for Youths, Sports, Culture, and Inclusivity.

The spotlight of the event proposed change of use for a substantial 55-acre Municipal Land. CECM. Kihagi advocated for its transformation into an International Standard Stadium, underlining the potential it holds to become a hub for sporting excellence and community engagement. This visionary move aligns with the county’s commitment to fostering a vibrant sports culture and providing state-of-the-art facilities for its residents.

In addition to the stadium project, CECM. Kihagi emphasized the importance of the 200 Affordable Housing Units in Karagita. Beyond offering quality housing, these units aim to stimulate economic growth by creating job opportunities within the community. The dual impact of improved living conditions and increased employment emphasizes Nakuru County’s holistic approach to development.

CECM Achieng echoed this sentiment, assuring the youths of Governor Susan Kihika’s steadfast dedication to youth employment and empowerment. She unveiled plans for a furniture and textile hub in Naivasha, poised to showcase the unique skills and competitive edge of various sub-counties in production. This visionary initiative not only promotes local talent but also positions Nakuru as a potential industrial powerhouse.

Further engaging the youth, CECM Achieng extended an invitation to the Governors Tournament, set to kick off in October at the ward level. This tournament not only promises spirited competition but also serves as a platform for nurturing talent and fostering community cohesion.

The event was a collaborative effort, with Viwandani MCA Mwangi Muraya and Alex Mbugua from Lakeview Ward adding their support. Andrew Opiyo, the YMCA Chairman, also joined the ranks, emphasizing the community-wide impact of these transformative projects.

As Nakuru County charts its course toward a prosperous future, the Viwandani public engagement stands as a pivotal moment, unveiling a vision of development, inclusivity, and vibrant community spirit. The Coffee Bar event serves as a testament to the county’s commitment to shaping a brighter tomorrow for its residents.

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