Boost to Aquaculture as Nakuru County Distributes Fingerlings to Fish Farmers

Fish Farmers in Kapkures Ward

In a proactive move to enhance aquaculture and support local fish farmers, the Chief Officer for Livestock, Fisheries, and Veterinary Services, Dr. Michael Cheruiyot, spearheaded the distribution of fingerlings to individual fish farmers in Mogoon, Kapkures Ward, Nakuru Town West Sub County.

This initiative is part of a broader effort to empower small-scale fish farmers in Nakuru Town West Sub-county, covering all six wards. The farmers, set to receive training on proper fish management practices, were provided with a total of 3,250 fingerlings, including 2,500 Tilapia and 750 catfish.

Dr. Cheruiyot emphasized the unwavering commitment of H.E Governor Susan Kihika to not only ensure food security but also to improve the income of farmers in the county. This distribution of fingerlings aligns with the county’s holistic approach to promoting sustainable agriculture and economic development.

The exercise, replicated in other sub-counties and led by Subcounty Fisheries heads, aims to restock various individual fish ponds, lakes, and dams across Nakuru County. A total of 326,700 fingerlings have been distributed, emphasizing the scale and impact of the county’s aquaculture support program.

The distribution in Kapkures Ward was a collaborative effort, with the Director in charge of Fisheries, Raymond Mwangata, Kapkures Ward MCA Hon. Robert Ruto, and Ward Administrator Billy Kiprop joining Dr. Cheruiyot in overseeing the exercise.

In Mosop Ward, Rongai Sub-county, 3000 fish fingerlings were distributed to farmers. The event was done on Henflo farm in Jua Farm in Boror Location. The beneficiaries were the Sajubo Development group with farmers drawn from Sanmarco, Jua Farm, Boror, Matuiku, and Lelechwet. The group has a total number of 340 members. These fingerlings were shared in 12 fish pods within the ward. Present in the meeting Ward Administrator Wachira Mwangi, MCA Alex Lang’at, Sub-county Fish Officer, and area residents.

Ward Admin Carol Kibue leads the fingerlings distribution exercise in Turi Ward
Ward Admin Carol Kibue leads the fingerlings distribution exercise in Turi Ward
Ward Admin Gitonga Kinyanjui at the fingerling distribution in Subukia Ward
Ward Admin Gitonga Kinyanjui at the fingerling distribution in Subukia Ward

The distribution of the fingerlings consisting of both Catfish and Monosex Tilapia across the county was as follows.

  • Nakuru Town East – 2,250 catfish fingerlings
  • Gilgil – 7,050 monosex milapia fingerlings
  • Rongai 7,700 monosex tilapia Fingerlings
  • Kuresoi South 500 monosex tilapia fingerlings
  • Subukia 500 catfish fingerlings & 6,250 mono-sex tilapia fingerlings
  • Njoro 200 catfish fingerlings & 7,000 mono-sex tilapia fingerlings
  • Molo 2,000 catfish & 6,000 mono-sex tilapia fingerlings
  • Naivasha 1,500 catfish fingerlings & 2,750 mono-sex tilapia fingerlings
  • Bahati 5,000 Catfish fingerlings & 7,000 mono sex tilapia fingerlings
  • Nakuru Town West 750 catfish & 6,150 mono-sex tilapia fingerlings

The total number of catfish fingerlings distributed was 12,700 50,000 mono-sex tilapia fingerlings.

By empowering local fish farmers and providing them with the necessary resources, Nakuru County is actively contributing to the growth of the aquaculture sector, ensuring sustainable food production, and fostering economic resilience among its communities.


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