New Level Four Hospital in Kuresoi North to Enhance Healthcare Infrastructure

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Kuresoi North Hospital

A significant stride towards improved healthcare services is underway in Kuresoi North Sub-county as plans for the construction of a Sh 50 million Level Four Hospital take shape. This initiative aims to alleviate the challenges associated with referral services and contribute to local economic development.

John Kihagi, the CECM of Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development, spearheaded meetings with influential community members from Nyota and Sirikwa Wards to deliberate on the project. These discussions centred on crucial aspects of the hospital’s construction, ensuring that it aligns with the needs and aspirations of the local population.

Following the productive engagements, Kihagi visited the proposed 5-acre land earmarked for the hospital in both wards. Expressing gratitude for the selection of a promising plot, Kihagi acknowledged the pivotal role community leaders played in identifying a suitable location for the healthcare facility.

The residents conveyed their appreciation to Governor Susan Kihika for her commitment to fulfilling promises and bringing essential healthcare services closer to the people. This project not only addresses healthcare challenges but also holds the potential to generate job opportunities for the local community.

Accompanying Kihagi on the site visit were key figures including the DCC, Sub-county Administrator, Nyota Ward Administrator, and area chiefs. This collaborative effort signifies a concerted commitment to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and ensuring the well-being of the residents in Kuresoi North Sub-county.

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