Nurturing Talent, Empowering Youth: Nakuru County’s Sports Revolution

In an endeavor to uphold the commitment to youth empowerment and grassroots talent development, Nakuru County’s Executive for Youth, Sports, Gender, and Social Services, Josephine Achieng, spearheaded a transformative initiative. This project, aligned with H.E Susan Kihika’s visionary manifestos, saw the distribution of sports equipment to three wards in Subukia Sub-county at the NYS ground.

The wards of Kabazi, Subukia, and Waseges were the focal points of this initiative, receiving a diverse array of sports gear. Football uniforms for both men and women, balls, goal nets, athletics tracksuits, volleyball nets, socks, training cones, knee caps, darts arrows, boards, punching bags, and more were distributed with the aim of creating a conducive environment for nurturing sporting talent at the grassroots level.

Josephine Achieng, the County Executive for Youth, emphasized the role sports play in empowering the youth. She highlighted the importance of embracing the digital space, content creation, and production hubs as avenues for income generation, combating unemployment, and ensuring a sustainable future for the county’s youth.

In attendance were key figures, including Chief Officer for Youth and Sports Ms. Stellah Mwaura, Ag. County Director for Sports David Kimani, and local MCA Hon George Tallam (Kabazi), Hon Isabela Makori (Subukia), and Hon Elijah Moraya (Waseges). Representatives from the Governor’s Political Office, Sub-county administrator Roseline Mutai, Ward Administrators, Sports Officers, and Governor’s coordinators added their support to this commendable initiative.

This strategic move aligns seamlessly with H.E Susan Kihika’s manifesto on sports, echoing her commitment to creating avenues for youth to excel and contribute meaningfully to society. Governor Kihika’s vision for sports transcends mere recreation; it envisions a pathway for youth to hone their skills, pursue their passions, and ultimately, contribute to the county’s development.

As Nakuru County takes significant strides in fostering a culture of sports excellence and youth empowerment, this initiative serves as an inspiration to the talented youth of Kabazi, Subukia, and Waseges. The distribution of sports equipment not only provides tangible resources but also symbolizes a commitment to creating a legacy of empowered, resilient, and skilled youth who will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the county’s future success.

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