Pawa Pasha ICT Mashinani Graduates Mark Milestone in Subukia Sub County


A spirit of achievement and empowerment filled the air as trainees of all ages participating in the Pawa Pasha ICT Mashinani program in Subukia Sub County celebrated a significant milestone on their journey to graduation. The graduation ceremony, a testament to their dedication and hard work, marked not just the completion of a program but the beginning of a new chapter filled with opportunities.

During the ceremony, County Executive for Education, Zipporah Wambui, addressed the graduates, offering words of encouragement and highlighting the transformative potential of education. She urged the youth in the area to consider enrolling in the County Vocational Training Centres, emphasizing the centers’ commitment to providing courses aligned with current market trends.

What sets these vocational training centers apart is the significant support offered by the County Government of Nakuru. The tuition fees are fully covered through Government Capitation, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder individuals from acquiring valuable skills. This strategic investment in education aligns with the county’s commitment to equipping its residents with practical, in-demand skills that foster economic independence.

The joy of the day extended beyond the completion of the program, as the graduates received commendation from the County Executive for gaining valuable ICT skills. In a world driven by technology, these skills are not just an asset but a passport to economic opportunities. The graduates are now equipped not only to enter the job market but also to start, grow, and manage their own enterprises—a testament to the holistic approach of the Pawa Pasha ICT Mashinani program.

The presence of Subukia MCA Hon. Isabella Makori and Sub-County Administrator Roselyne Mutai at the ceremony underscored the significance of the occasion. Government officials, witnessing the tangible impact of educational initiatives, reiterated their commitment to supporting programs that uplift communities and contribute to the overall development of the region.

As these graduates step into the next phase of their lives, armed with relevant skills and knowledge, they carry with them the promise of a brighter future. The Pawa Pasha ICT Mashinani program, through collaboration between the County Government and its partners, stands as a beacon of empowerment, shaping lives and paving the way for a more skilled, resilient, and prosperous community in Subukia Sub County.

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