Preparation for Full Rollout of Primary Healthcare Networks in Nakuru County

Rollout of Primary Healthcare Networks in Nakuru County


The Chief Officer for Public Health, Alice Abuki, facilitated a visit from a team representing the National Ministry of Health to Nakuru. The purpose of their visit is to prepare for the full rollout of the Primary Healthcare Networks (PCN) initiative in the county.

Over the next two weeks, the visiting team will engage in capacity-building exercises for a multidisciplinary team. This trained team will play a key role in operationalizing the PCNs across various sites in Nakuru. The aim is to replicate the success achieved in Bahati Sub-County, where the primary healthcare networks have already been implemented.

Bahati Sub-County serves as a model, with its Sub-County Hospital functioning as the main hub for the PCNs. The hospital acts as a central point, serving at least 21 spokes around Bahati and Subukia. The successful implementation in Bahati has established a proper referral network, connecting the community to health facilities. Additionally, the initiative has facilitated the establishment of an ambulance station at the hospital and four Community Health Units with health promoters. This infrastructure enhances reverse referral and follow-up processes.

Nakuru County’s commitment to strengthening its healthcare system through initiatives like the Primary Healthcare Networks demonstrates a proactive approach to providing comprehensive and accessible healthcare services to its residents. The ongoing collaboration with the National Ministry of Health underscores the collective effort to improve the overall health and well-being of the community.

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