Projects Bring Clean Water to Maai Mahiu Ward

In a  step towards fulfilling the commitment of Governor Susan Kihika to ensure access to clean and safe water for all, the Department of Water and Sanitation celebrated a significant milestone today with the official handover of the Canaan and Naikware water projects.

These transformative projects, located within the expansive Maai Mahiu Ward in Naivasha Sub-County, encompass the laying and fitting of pipes across an impressive 11-kilometer stretch. The ambitious infrastructure development is poised to benefit approximately 660 households, providing them with access to clean and safe water through the enhanced water supply network.

The handover ceremony, a momentous occasion, was presided over by the dedicated Area Member of County Assembly (MCA) Eliud Mwaura. Joining him were key figures instrumental in the realization of these water projects, including Area Ward Administrator David Mwangi, Naivasha Water and Sanitation Company Representative Samson Mwangi, and Assistant Sub County Water Engineer.

Governor Kihika’s vision for equitable access to water is now a tangible reality for the residents of Maai Mahiu Ward. The completion of Canaan and Naikware water projects signifies more than just improved infrastructure; it addresses the long-standing water scarcity issues that have affected the area, ensuring that essential water needs are met for the community.

The ripple effects of these projects extend beyond the mere provision of water. Access to clean and safe water is foundational to community well-being, impacting health, sanitation, and overall quality of life. As the water supply network is enhanced, it not only quenches immediate thirst but lays the groundwork for sustained growth and development in the region.

The handover ceremony underscored the collaborative effort involving local leadership, community representatives, and technical expertise. It highlighted the importance of partnerships in realizing such transformative projects and ensuring their long-term success.

As the water projects in Canaan and Naikware are handed over to the community, Governor Kihika’s commitment to making clean water accessible to all echoes through the pipes, reaching every household in Maai Mahiu Ward. Today marks not only the completion of infrastructure but the beginning of a new chapter where clean water flows freely, fostering health, prosperity, and resilience for the residents of Naivasha Sub-County.

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