Public Sensitization Initiative in Rongai Sub-County Aims to Prepare for Upcoming El Nino Season

Public Sensitisation Rongai

In preparation for the impending El Nino season, Chief Officer for Public Participation and Citizen Engagement, Edward Gitau, spearheaded a public sensitization drive in Rongai sub-county. The primary goal of this initiative was to gather feedback from local residents regarding areas susceptible to flooding and landslides. By proactively identifying these vulnerable spots, the objective is to prevent potential loss of life and property destruction during the anticipated heavy rainfall.

Gitau underscored the commitment of Governor Susan Kihika, emphasizing that no lives should be lost due to El Nino and that property damage should be minimized. The Governor’s proactive approach to disaster management preparedness includes the establishment of the County Disaster Response Team, composed of government officials from both national and county levels, as well as other stakeholders.

During the outreach in Visoi and Mosop Wards, residents commended Governor Susan Kihika for her dedication to disaster management preparedness. They specifically appreciated the formation of the County Disaster Response Team. The feedback received from residents emphasized the need for improved drainage systems in their respective areas to mitigate flooding and other adverse consequences of heavy rains, such as landslides and waterborne diseases. The initiative also had the presence of MCAs Helen Chemutai (Visoi) and Majority Leader Alex Lang’at (Mosop).

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