Reproductive Healthcare Bill 2019

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Susan Kihika


THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTHCARE BILL, 2019 is a Bill for AN ACT of Parliament to provide for the right to reproductive health care; to set the standards of reproductive health; provide for the right to make decisions regarding reproductive health, and for connected purposes.


Click this link to download the Bill or click on the top right button below to read it.


22 thoughts on “Reproductive Healthcare Bill 2019”

  1. I stand in support of this bill after reading it through,leaders from all decide should stop politicking about the bill,

  2. After going through this proposed bill, I can only conclude that some people have maliciously politicized and aroused unnecessary negative thoughts and sentiments against this bill.
    Otherwise this amendment bill is good and it shall help in tackling the current and near future reproductive health challenges.
    Good work senator susan. Good work.

  3. Well, I’ve gone through the document( though a layman in law), I’ve not, as I refer to the document I’ve read, seen it as legalising homosexuality, or abortion and I wish to note the following:-
    i.) Article 8: “Partner ” – a person of the opposite sex in a relationship. ( this is surely not a description of a same sex relationship.)
    ii.) Articles 12, 7 and 22,1; ” shall not receive any form of compensation.. in cash or in kind..” to my opinion is too restrictive. Humanity has it that, apart from stipulations of article 22, 2 of the bill, good deeds are rewarded, so gifts and tokens of appreciation should not be restricted by law, to the extent that gamete donors feel used,unappreciated and therefore dissuaded. However, the same should not be left plain or open,to the extent that it becomes exploitative to the commissioning parent/s.
    iii.) Article 26, 1 ” the opinion of the trained health practitioner..” An ‘s’ should be added to practitioner to amend it to ‘ practitioners’. This decision should not be left to a single practitioner’s opinion. The presenting situation should be assessed,evaluated and decided by a number of trained practitioners who’ll them duly sign
    iv) Article 28, 1b; “…in the best interests of a minor..” – retaining the article as simply is, is an easy loophole; Take for instance, I want my child to have a good name in adulthood – ‘ after all, don’t you see she has preserved herself…’ Wouldn’t termination then be performed in that ‘best interest’? This certainly needs some amendment.

    1. Termination of pregnancy is termination of life and, therefore, should not be left to the opinion of one ‘trained health professional’.
      It should be consultative with mutual consent of more than one trained health professional.
      I support you.
      An amendment is needed.

  4. Anything that ulters the current will and norms of the people…..ESPECIALLY as taught by the CHURCH…. stay clear.

    Utapoteza support bure tu and be forgotten soon than later along the Uhuru you are justifying opposing.

    Retreat. Restrategize. Focus on other non controversial areas. But if you are hard hearted enough….go ahead.

    You will regret later.

  5. Looks a good bill. My only concern is on the very last part (12). Entry of the father in the register.. Well seems nie cases of single mother kids will increase as most of marriages are not recognised by law or custom

  6. The bill is timely & i support. Especially part VII. It is high time sex education be incooperated in our curriculum

  7. 1.
    Please consider starting at the basics- the definition of conception in the Preliminary.
    Constitution says life begins at conception but as you may be aware, there are two standings on this.
    On the one hand is conception is when male and female sex cells fuse to form zygote.
    On the other is conception is when zygote attaches itself in the uterus.
    That would answer the question- is taking emergency pills which can destroy the zygote before it reaches uterus abortion?
    Section 28(2) is at the danger of being misused/ abused on the consent of the person with mental illness. How shall it be determined that the illness affects or doesn’t affect the ability to make such a decision?

  8. I am currently reading this bill and will make a comment in about two days. Thank you Madam Senator for bringing this onboard.

  9. It has hidden claws, @all life matters… The bill needs thorougher ammendments, my rating 60%…,

    1. If you remove the termination of pregnancy section, it will be a good one. Otherwise you cannot ochestrate that wicked lifestyle. Life is a precious gift given by God, and irrespective of the age, whether one hour old, no one should be killed. Even a zygote or a foetus is a person. By all standards I reject the whole weired thing. This is a mature nonsense.

  10. I have gone through the document and I think the honourable senator should rethink the decision if she has the the good of this country at heart and if she wants to be remembered for the many positive things she has done. This is the surest avenue for legalising abortion and for promoting moral decay of our beloved country. It is my hope and prayer that all those pushing it internally and externally will have a change of heart otherwise history will judge us very harshly!!!

  11. I have read the document, for now most of the people have understand it . only some politicians who are confusing people . but tushaa elevuka . great work my incoming GVN 032

  12. I have read the bill I don’t get what people are bashing you for. The area around abortion though has to be rechecked I know so many lawyers and I know how they can twist that section to fit their case. It needs to be made airtight.
    Bravo for the bill. I think it is necessary. And it will better the lives of many.

  13. Thank you for sharing.
    However, what the Bill describes as “reproductive rights” is actually health rights.
    Secondly, the Bill looks like a reproduction of the ICPD consensus document. The consensus document does not raise a binding obligation on Kenya at all.
    The Bill is problematic in denying commissioning partners above the age of 55 from getting children (discriminatory).
    By criminalizing medical profession on not referring a patient seeking abortion including adolescents, the bill unjustifiably impute medical negligence claims.
    The Bill opens up adolescents to discussions about “unsafe abortion” and not abortion generally thereby promoting safe abortion.
    The Bill declares unborn children with defects as lesser beings whose growth should be terminated thereby raising serious questions about the rights of the disabled members of the society…. The list is endless.

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