Revitalization Underway to Boost Sports in Keringet stadium

Keringet Stadium is undergoing a refurbishment as per the recent directives from Her Excellency Governor Susan Kihika towards uplifting the sports infrastructure. The aim is not only to complete the project but also to enhance sporting activities in the region. Pastor Alex Maina, the Chief Officer for Youth, Sports, and Talents/Resource Mobilization, recently visited the site to assess the progress of this transformative initiative.

The inaugural phase of the refurbishment encompasses an array of crucial developments. Chain-link fencing, gate construction, murruming, and the establishment of changing rooms, toilets, and storage facilities are among the highlights. Additionally, both internal and external drainage systems are being integrated into the track, ensuring sustainable and efficient water management. Levelling the ground according to usage standards and implementing proper water storage solutions are integral components of this phase.

During the site visit, the main contractor provided valuable insights into the challenges faced. Security concerns and a lack of effective communication among stakeholders were acknowledged as hurdles that need addressing. The contractor emphasized the installation of barbed wire throughout the fence to mitigate security risks. To expedite the project, a comprehensive work plan is set to kick off from January 8, 2024, demonstrating a commitment to completing the first phase within two months.

Pastor Alex Maina, in his capacity as the Chief Officer, pledged to intensify monitoring efforts. He assured that he would personally visit the site more frequently to ensure strict adherence to quality standards. This hands-on approach underscores the commitment to delivering a refurbished stadium that not only meets expectations but exceeds them.

Upon the successful completion of the first phase, the stadium will open its doors to more youths, particularly athletes, as Phase 2 commences. This signals a promising future for the local sports community, providing a modern and well-equipped facility that will serve as a breeding ground for talent and a hub for community engagement.

Project coordinator Mr. Abel Mungai, who was also present during the assessment, expressed optimism about the positive impact the renovated stadium would have on the community. His presence underscores the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders to ensure the success of this ambitious endeavor.

As the refurbishment progresses, Keringet Stadium stands poised to become a symbol of community pride, a testament to what can be achieved when leaders and communities come together to invest in the future of sports and youth development. The journey has just begun, and with each passing day, the transformation of Keringet Stadium takes a step closer to reality.

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