Revitalizing Connectivity – Biashara Ward

In a significant stride towards urban development, Governor Susan Kihika’s administration has recently undertaken a substantial upgrade of Lower Tom Mboya Road in Biashara Ward, Nakuru East Sub-County. The transformation to bituminous standards is part of the ongoing efforts to enhance urban infrastructure and elevate the quality of life for residents in the area.

One of the primary improvements includes the construction of footpaths on both sides of the road. This not only ensures a secure and comfortable walking route for pedestrians but also contributes to enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the City. The commitment to pedestrian-friendly features aligns with the administration’s vision of creating inclusive and accessible urban spaces.

City Manager Gitau Thabanja highlighted the comprehensive design of the road, incorporating innovative elements to address various challenges. Solar-powered streetlights illuminate the thoroughfare, promoting safety and visibility during the night. Furthermore, a well-planned stormwater drainage system has been integrated, effectively mitigating the longstanding issue of flooding during the rainy seasons. This approach not only improves the road infrastructure but also prioritizes the resilience of the community against weather-related challenges.

Before the rehabilitation project, Lower Tom Mboya Road presented a myriad of issues. The road was characterized by large potholes, an uneven surface, and a lack of footpaths, making travel a challenging and risky endeavor, especially during the rainy periods. The transformation stands as a testament to the administration’s commitment to addressing existing urban challenges and creating a more sustainable and user-friendly environment for the residents.

The upgraded Lower Tom Mboya Road not only revitalizes connectivity within Biashara Ward but also sets a precedent for urban development in Nakuru East Sub-County. As the community experiences the positive impact of these improvements, the project serves as a beacon of progress and a testament to the positive outcomes that result from strategic urban planning and infrastructure development.

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