Revitalizing Urban Centers: Nakuru’s Affordable Housing Initiative Takes Shape

Revitalizing Urban centres

Nakuru County Government is actively working towards the revitalization of urban centers that have faced decay over time, and at the forefront of this endeavor is the Affordable Housing Program. In collaboration with the National Government, this initiative is set to transform these areas, giving them a much-needed facelift.

One recent milestone in this ambitious project is the unveiling of proposed housing units in Elburgon, Molo Sub-county. Encompassing an impressive 3 acres, this housing project aims to construct 220 units, contributing significantly to the broader goal of developing 30,000 housing units in Nakuru.

The contractor has already made notable progress, with the project currently in the excavation and foundation stage. Beyond its impact on housing, this initiative is expected to generate employment opportunities for locals, with a commitment to having 80% of the staff recruited from Molo.

During a site visit, Housing and Urban Development Chief Officer Kamau Kuria emphasized the multifaceted benefits of the project. In addition to addressing housing needs, the initiative will play a pivotal role in providing essential amenities such as a market, a police post, and a school. Nakuru’s Affordable Housing Initiative is a testament to the county’s commitment to holistic urban development.

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