Revival of Nakuru’s Pyrethrum Farming: A Collaborative Effort for Farmers’ Prosperity

Nakuru County has witnessed a resurgence in pyrethrum farming, becoming one of the most valuable cash crops in the region since Governor Susan Kihika initiated efforts to revitalize the industry and involve more farmers.

Deputy Governor David Kones recently hosted a delegation from the Pyrethrum Processing Company of Kenya (PPCK) to explore ways to further empower farmers and enhance their collaboration with the company.

“Our goal is to work closely with the Pyrethrum Processing Company of Kenya while strengthening support and cooperation between the company and our dedicated farmers,” noted Hon. Kones.

The Pyrethrum Board has implemented an efficient payment system, enabling farmers to receive their payments within just two hours of delivering their dry pyrethrum. The minimum payment per kilogram is set at Ksh 250, which aligns with competitive market rates.

To bolster the quality and yield of pyrethrum production, extension officers from the Pyrethrum Processing Company will provide training to Nakuru’s farmers.

The discussion involved various stakeholders, including Chief Officer for Agriculture Newton Mwaura, Chief Officer for Resource Mobilization Pastor Alex Maina, Chief Officer for Cooperatives Hon. Richard Kurgat, Chairman representative of the PPCK Mr. Jenaro Githinji, and Carolyne Imbwaya, a Crop Research Manager at PPCK. This collaborative effort signifies the commitment to the prosperity of Nakuru’s pyrethrum farming industry and its farmers.

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