Revolutionary Farmer profiling and mapping initiative

Nakuru County is buzz with anticipation as it gears up for a comprehensive farmers profiling and mapping initiative. This initiative is poised to revolutionize the agricultural landscape in the county, and the preparations are well underway.

Starting this Thursday, Nakuru County is set to embark on a mission that will result in the creation of a comprehensive and up-to-date database. This database will serve as the backbone for data-driven agricultural interventions, covering various enumeration areas (E. As) within the county. The significance of this initiative cannot be overstated, as it promises to bring data-driven precision to the world of farming, ultimately benefiting both farmers and the agricultural sector as a whole.

Today, the Chief Officer for Youth, Talent, and Sports, Stellah Mwaura, took a moment to inspire and motivate the 72 trainees who will be instrumental in this groundbreaking project. These trainees, hailing from the eight Wards in Naivasha Sub-County, will play a crucial role in collecting data at the grassroots level, creating a comprehensive farmers’ profile that forms the core of this initiative. Importantly, this massive undertaking is not confined to Naivasha alone; it is a county-wide effort happening across all Sub-Counties.

C.O Stellah Mwaura, accompanied by Sub-County Administrator King’ori Mwangi, was joined by representatives from various departments, including ICT, Department of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries, and NAVCDP (Nakuru Value Chain Development Program). Their presence highlights the joint nature of this initiative and the dedication of multiple departments to make it a success.

A note of appreciation was also extended to H.E Governor Susan Kihika for her role in facilitating the employment of over 600 enumerators from different wards in Nakuru County. This commitment to creating employment opportunities while simultaneously advancing data-driven agricultural practices exemplifies the forward-thinking approach of Nakuru County’s leadership.

As the countdown to the comprehensive farmers profiling and mapping initiative begins, the community and the agricultural sector as a whole eagerly await the transformative impact it promises to deliver. With the combined efforts of dedicated individuals and the support of local leadership, Nakuru County is on the precipice of a data-driven agricultural revolution that will empower farmers and drive the sector forward.

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