Road Rehabilitation Project in Mau Narok Ward Enhances Rural Accessibility

Road Rehabilitation in Mau Narok

In a concerted effort to ensure the safety and efficiency of the local transport network, Sub-county Engineer Michael Kimani conducted a site meeting to oversee the ongoing grading, graveling, and compacting of several crucial roads in Mau Narok ward, Njoro Sub-county. These road improvement initiatives play a vital role in opening up the region to farmers, providing greater access to remote areas of Mau Narok, and significantly benefiting residents.

The project, with a budget of 9.9 million shillings and already 90% complete, encompasses a range of tasks, including bush clearing, culvert installation (covering a distance of 130 meters), and extensive grading and graveling across 10 kilometers and 6.3 kilometers, respectively. As the project nears completion, it is expected to facilitate increased accessibility to rural areas, enabling residents to access essential social and economic opportunities more easily.

This initiative underlines the commitment of the local authorities to enhance the infrastructure, thereby improving the quality of life for the residents and fostering economic growth. Present at the site meeting were key stakeholders, including the area MCA Hon. Cyrus Dida, Njoro Sub County Administrator Julius Nyaata, and Mau Narok Ward Administrator David Mwaura.

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