Self Help Africa’s Project celebrates success in Nakuru County as is Empowers Rural Women Entrepreneurs

In a significant step towards empowering rural women entrepreneurs, 41 women-led groups from Kuresoi South and Rongai Subcounties gathered at the Agricultural Training Center for the close-out and learning forum on the Rural Women Entrepreneurs (RWE) project by Self Help Africa. The forum provided an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and impact of the project, which focuses on building the capacity and resilience of rural communities in Kenya to tackle food and climate crises.

The RWE project employs a women-led social enterprise model, emphasizing digital skills building and service delivery to enhance the economic well-being of rural communities. Over the course of the one-year pilot project, these women-led groups have not only acquired valuable skills but have also contributed significantly to the county’s agenda of achieving food and nutrition security.

Agriculture Chief Officer Newton Mwaura, present at the forum, acknowledged the positive outcomes of the project and highlighted its role in supporting Nakuru County’s broader goals. The impact of the initiative extends beyond traditional agricultural practices, embracing a holistic approach that addresses both food security and economic empowerment.

One of the noteworthy outcomes is the economic empowerment of women in the project implementation areas. Through the RWE project, these women have become entrepreneurs, selling nutritious vegetables from their gardens not only locally but also beyond their immediate communities. This shift towards economic self-sufficiency aligns with the broader vision of fostering resilient and empowered rural communities.

The success of the project is not confined to Nakuru County alone; the forum also welcomed beneficiary groups from Nyandarua County, highlighting the scalability and replicability of the model employed by Self Help Africa. The exchange of experiences and insights between women entrepreneurs from different regions further enriches the collective knowledge and impact of the initiative.

As the forum marked the close-out of the project, it also served as a platform for learning and sharing best practices. The achievements celebrated at this gathering underscore the transformative power of targeted interventions in empowering women-led groups, fostering entrepreneurship, and contributing to the sustainable development of rural communities. Self Help Africa’s Rural Women Entrepreneurs project stands as a testament to the potential for positive change when communities are equipped with the tools and knowledge to build their resilience and thrive in the face of challenges.

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