Senate office joins Njoro family in celebrating Mother’s return

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A team from the office of the Nakuru County Senator today joined the family of Cecilia Muthoni in Gichobo village in Lare Ward, Njoro.

The team joined family, friends and neighbours to celebrate the safe return of 70-year-old Cecilia who has been living in Tanzania since 1984.

“It is a huge blessing to this family that after 35 years, Cecilia has finally come back. I believe this is an answered prayer for the family as Cecilia came back to find her 100 years old mother and her two daughters still alive,” said Gitau Kamau addressing the gathering. Gitau was representing the office of Senator Susan Kihika.

Cecilia Muthoni left to look for greener pastures in Tanzania in 1984 with a friend. This is after their boss in Nairobi became too difficult for them.

In Tanzania, Muthoni met a Tanzanian man with whom she got a third born daughter. However, while planning to return to Kenya in 1992, she was involved in a road accident. Cecilia’s third born daughter is now a resident of Tanzania and has two teenage sons.

Cecilia’s dream is to see her whole family come back to the country. She has sought the assistance of the office of the Senator to help her secure the safe repatriation of her daughter and grandchildren into the country.

The Senator through her team also sent her contribution to the family to assist Cecilia in settling back. The family is planning to build her a house on the family farm.