Senator Kihika raises concerns over asbestos roofing materials

Nakuru County Senator Susan Kihika has today raised concerns over the asbestos roofing still found in some schools across the county.

Speaking on the floor of the house, the Senator sought to know what the government was doing if anything, regarding the replacement of asbestos roofing tiles.

“We need an explanation of the steps if any, that the Government is taking to replace asbestos roofing tiles in Government buildings with other material that are not health hazards,” said the Senator addressing the house.

Nakuru County is one of the majorly hit by the asbestos menace. A number of schools and other public buildings especially around Nakuru Municipality still sport the dangerous roof.

In addition, the Senator sought to know if the government was doing anything to sensitize the public on the dangers posed by the carcinogenic roofing material.

“The concerned committee also needs to outline the plans that the Government has put in place to sensitize Kenyans against the use of asbestos material for roofing,” added the Senator.

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