Senator Kihika tours Naivasha, addresses pertinent issues

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The Senator today has spent the better part of the day in the vast Naivasha Constituency. The Senator had joined the Deputy President Dr William Ruto and area MP Hon. Jayne Kihara. Several MPs and MCAs from different sub-counties were also in attendance.

The first function that the Senator attended was a church service at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Naivasha town. Before the service started at 10:30 AM, the senator took time to interact with members of the public who had some issues they wanted to discuss with her.

After the mass presided over by Father Nagaruiya the parish priest, Senator Kihika got a chance to address the worshippers. In her speech, she called on young men not to force women into relationships and to move on if the girls they desired say no.

“We have lost several young ladies in the last past after having their lives taken by disgruntled men. I beg the men in here today and out there, please, if a girl is not interested in you, move on and find another. We can’t continue burying the young women who are murdered by men who cannot take no for an answer,” said the senator.

In her speech, the Senator also called on the DCI to carry out the war on corruption prudently without favour or discrimination.

Deep at the Grassroots – Maiella Ward

After the church service, the Senator and the other leaders visited the far-flung Maiella ward which is one of the largest wards in Nakuru County. This was an opportunity to interact with the residents, listen to their concerns and chart the way forward for the ward.

The Senator, who is a member of the Senate Energy Committee has made a firm promise to ensure that locals in the area get jobs at KenGen Geothermal power generating company which is based in the area.

“It is sad that although KenGen is using our resources here in Ol’karia, very few of our young people are benefitting from employment opportunities. As a member of the Energy Committee at the Senate, I’ll have the KenGen management summoned to come and explain why we don’t have our qualified youth benefitting from jobs at KenGen,” said the Senator. She added that at least 70% of the job opportunities needed to go to locals.