Senator Kihika’s statement on Nessuit Skirmishes

We find ourselves in a terrible situation. Life has been lost, many injured and others displaced at Nessuit in Njoro.

The ongoing skirmishes are pulling us back to a point in our past that we would never wish to experience ever again. It is wrong and I join other leaders in condemning whoever is responsible for these acts.

My heart goes out to the many men and women who cannot sleep soundly at night. It goes out to the hundreds of children who have to spend nights in the cold, who cannot play in peace and who cannot access education.

From our past, we should have learnt that war and bloodshed are never the solutions. We need now more than ever to look into and embrace alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

My appreciation goes to all the security personnel in Nessuit who are working hard to ensure peace for the residents. I pray that a quick and a lasting solution will be found so life can go back to normal.

Our quest for lasting peace will not and should not relent. That’s why am joining other leaders to find a solution to this unfortunate situation that has befallen our county.

Let us maintain peace at all times and take a moment to pray for our affected brothers and sisters.

People need to go back to their homes, schools need to be reopened and life needs to go on.

Senator Susan Kihika,
Majority Chief Whip

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