Senator Susan Kihika’s Statement on Olposimoru clashes

Susan Kihika


When there is war, the elderly, women and children bear the blunt. Development becomes stagnated, learning in schools comes to a halt, and our young men lose lives or suffer injury.

Whatever is happening in Olposimoru should never have happened. Even as we look for the root causes of the regrettable skirmishes, we can’t escape the fact that some elected leaders have played a part in fueling the clashes.

In the strongest words, I condemn those inciting and funding the inter-tribal uprisings. Kenyans are peace-loving people. They have lived together for many years without turning against each other. Let whoever is responsible be made to answer for all the losses that have been experienced.

My appreciation to the security forces for their swift response and the measures they have taken to contain the situation.

Let us all strive to uphold peace, tolerate one another and be our brother’s keeper. Above all, let us say no to inciters as they are enemies of posterity.

Senator Susan Kihika,
Senate Chief Majority Whip