Sero Water Project Handover Marks Milestone in Providing Clean Water to Maiella Residents

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Sero water Project, Maiella ward


County Chief Officer for Water and Sanitation, Eng. Margaret Kinyanjui presided over the official handover of the Sero Water Project to the contractor in Maiella Ward, Naivasha Sub-county. This marks the commencement of the project’s solarization and the installation of 1.2 kilometres of piping.

Upon completion, the Sero Water Project is set to benefit over 700 residents, ensuring they have access to clean and safe water. This project aligns with Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to providing clean water to all Nakuru residents. The completed project will guarantee a consistent supply of clean and safe water to various areas, including Kongoni, the Assistant and Chief’s office, and Moi Ndabi Dispensary, among others.

Sero water Project, Maiella ward
Sero water Project, Maiella ward

The handover event was attended by Chief Officer for Environment Kennedy Mungai, Subcounty Water Engineer John Karani, Ward Administrator Ann Jackson, the contractor, and local residents. It represents a significant step in ensuring clean water access for the community.

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