Sports Equipment Distributed to Enhance Youth Engagement in Njoro Sub-county

In a concerted effort to promote youth engagement and bolster sporting activities, the County’s Directorate of Sports took charge of distributing essential sports equipment to teams hailing from six wards in Njoro Sub County. This initiative was a pivotal component of the Dimba na Dida Tournament, a football extravaganza held in Mwisho wa Lami – Mau Narok Ward.

Acting County Director for Sports, David Kimani, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the participants and emphasized the importance of active participation in public forums to articulate the community’s needs, particularly in the context of sports.

The Dimba na Dida Tournament featured 14 vibrant teams from various wards and was thoughtfully organized by the local Member of County Assembly (MCA), Cyrus Dida Ndegwa. In his remarks, MCA Dida applauded Governor Susan Kihika for her consistent support of sports activities within the County.

Hon. Hawa Ibrahim, the Liason Officer for Political Affairs, also recognized MCA Cyrus Dida Ndegwa’s role in uniting the youth through sports, a significant step towards combatting issues like drug abuse and crime in the community.

Cyrus Dida Ndegwa extended his praise for Governor Susan Kihika, highlighting her commitment to prioritize and support sports activities in the County. He underlined the vital roles played by elected leaders at all levels, from the President to the MCAs, in nurturing local talent and promoting the growth of sports.

Hon. Hezekiah Kungu, the MCA of Njoro Ward, expressed deep appreciation for Governor Susan Kihika’s consistent and objective support for youth and sports matters, further fostering talent development across the entire county.

MCA Moses Koros, representing Mauche Ward, commended the Governor’s remarkable efforts in enhancing efficiency and promoting a harmonious working relationship between the Executive and the Legislature.

The event was attended by various Sports Officers, Governor’s Coordinators, and several other distinguished officials, marking a significant stride towards empowering the youth and bolstering sports activities in the region.

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