Strengthening Healthcare Partnerships: USAID PEPFAR Delegation Tours Nakuru County’s Innovative Health Initiatives


Roselyn Mungai, the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Health in Nakuru, recently hosted  a delegation from USAID PEPFAR. The delegation, led by Brian Rehmann and Shimon Prohow from Washington, engaged in insightful discussions with the county’s health officials to explore the impact of PEPFAR-supported programs.

The focal point of the discussions centered around the innovative Primary Care Networks model, successfully implemented in Bahati Sub-County. This model, aimed at enhancing primary healthcare delivery, has garnered attention for its effectiveness and patient-centric approach.

Following the discussions, the delegation embarked on a comprehensive tour of Bahati, traversing from the community level to the Bahati Rural facility and the Sub County Hospital. The focus of the tour was the evaluation of the hub and spoke model, which is integral to the success of the Primary Care Networks initiative.

A significant highlight of the visit was the stop at Mirugi Kariuki Sub County Hospital, showcasing the seamless integration of HIV Comprehensive Care Centres with other healthcare services. This visit underscored the county’s commitment to providing holistic healthcare solutions, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive and integrated services under one roof.

The collaborative efforts between Nakuru County and USAID PEPFAR reflect a shared commitment to achieving integrated, patient-centric, and high-quality health services. The discussions and on-site visits served as a platform to exchange ideas, share best practices, and further strengthen the partnership between the county’s health sector and the international development agency.

As the delegation observed firsthand the positive outcomes of these collaborative initiatives, it became evident that the partnership goes beyond discussions—it’s about tangible results and improving the health and well-being of the communities served.

Nakuru County’s proactive approach, exemplified by the innovative Primary Care Networks model, coupled with the support from USAID PEPFAR, sets a commendable precedent for transformative healthcare practices. The collaborative journey continues, fostering hope for more inclusive, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare in Nakuru County.

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