Subukia Level 4 Hospital Nears Completion: A Milestone in Nakuru County’s Healthcare Vision

Subukia Level 4 Hospital, a cornerstone project initiated by H.E Governor Susan Kihika, is steadily taking shape. The activity at the construction site attests to the dedication and progress of this pivotal healthcare endeavor.

Today, a delegation, led by the County Head of Health Infrastructure, Mr. Gerald Maina, and comprising officials from the Health Department, Public Works Engineers, Contractors, Area Administrators, MCA’s Representatives, and Project Management Members, visited the site. The purpose of their visit was to assess the ongoing civil works and hold a comprehensive project implementation meeting at the facility.

One of the notable aspects highlighted during the visit was the flexibility and adaptability demonstrated in the face of challenges. The initial hospital plan underwent adjustments to effectively address the hurdles presented by the waterlogged terrain. This commitment to overcoming obstacles ensures that the final structure not only meets but exceeds the required standards for a modern healthcare facility.

The current completion status of the Subukia Level 4 Hospital stands at an impressive 53 percent. This accomplishment reflects the efficiency and diligence of the teams involved in the construction process. The collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, including government officials, engineers, administrators, and project management members, have played a crucial role in reaching this milestone.

During the project implementation meeting, the team discussed strategies to expedite the construction process while maintaining the highest quality standards. The emphasis was on ensuring that the Subukia Level 4 Hospital becomes operational before the end of the current financial year, underscoring the commitment to timely delivery and access to improved healthcare services for the residents of Nakuru County.

H.E Governor Susan Kihika’s vision for enhanced healthcare infrastructure is becoming a reality through projects like the Subukia Level 4 Hospital. The facility is not merely a structure; it represents a commitment to the well-being of the community and a strategic investment in the future health of Nakuru County.

As construction progresses and the completion deadline approaches, the anticipation builds for the inauguration of the Subukia Level 4 Hospital. Its role as a key healthcare hub in Nakuru County is poised to make a substantial impact, fostering a healthier and more resilient community for years to come.

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