Transforming Healthcare Services in Nakuru County through a visionary approach under the leadership of Governor Susan Kihika


The Department of Health is intensifying efforts to address infrastructure and maintenance challenges at the Naivasha Sub County Hospital, with a focus on fully operationalizing the new Outpatient block. Led by County Executive Committee Member for Health, Roselyn Mungai, the department is prioritizing the resolution of persistent issues to ensure optimal functionality and quality patient care.

During her visit to the Naivasha Sub County Hospital, Roselyn Mungai conducted a comprehensive assessment of various hospital areas, including the maternity ward, pediatric unit, male and female wards, laboratory, pharmacy units, and service points. Engaging with both staff and recipients of services, she diligently scrutinized the efficiency of services and identified pressing staffing gaps, emphasizing the need for urgent action.

Acknowledging the significance of human resources in healthcare delivery, Roselyn highlighted ongoing efforts to conduct a Human Resource for Health (HRH) analysis. This analysis aims to thoroughly examine the needs of the high-volume Level 4 hospital and address staffing requirements to ensure optimal functionality and service delivery.

The new outpatient block, already in use, is providing specialized clinical services to meet the community’s healthcare needs. Roselyn confirmed plans to install a standby generator in collaboration with PGH, ensuring uninterrupted operations, particularly for critical services like the laboratory and immunization, even during power outages.

The purpose of Roselyn’s visit is to gather firsthand feedback from both staff and patients, facilitating informed decision-making for service improvement at both administrative and county levels. By engaging directly with stakeholders, the Department of Health aims to ensure that hospitals are not only functional but also compassionate and responsive to the community’s needs.

The benefits of these initiatives extend to the community at large. Through improved infrastructure and staffing, the Naivasha Sub County Hospital can provide enhanced healthcare services, including specialized clinical care, maternal and child health services, and laboratory services. The installation of a standby generator further ensures continuity of care, mitigating the impact of power outages on critical services. Ultimately, these efforts contribute to the overall well-being and health outcomes of the community served by the hospital, reinforcing the commitment to accessible and quality healthcare services.

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