Transforming Nakuru’s Rural Landscape through Imarisha Barabara Program

In Nakuru County, a transformative initiative is reshaping the physical landscape under the visionary leadership of Her Excellency Governor Susan Kihika. The Imarisha Barabara program, a flagship project under the Department of Infrastructure, has become an inspiration of progress, focusing on enhancing road infrastructure to connect communities and foster accessibility in the region.

One of the endeavors is the ongoing heavy grading of the 1.1 km Lomilo A-B road in Mosop Ward, Rongai sub-county. This project signifies a commitment to ensuring that even the most remote corners of the county are not left behind. Simultaneously, the backfilling and compacting of sections of the Tree Farm Road in the same ward are further testament to the program’s comprehensive approach.

The multifaceted rehabilitation efforts, encompassing grading, gravelling, and dozing, have significantly improved accessibility across various wards. The result is a network of roads that are not only passable but also motorable, facilitating the movement of residents as they access essential social amenities.

The program’s impact extends beyond Mosop Ward, reaching into other areas with ongoing projects. These include the grading of the 1.7 km Biston Ngogongeri access road in Njoro Ward, the two km Menengai East access roads, and the St. Anthony access road. Additionally, Kwa Waigwa access road and Kwa C.C Fulana access roads in Kiamaina Ward are witnessing the positive transformations brought about by the Imarisha Barabara program.

In its initial phase, the program achieved a milestones, with the grading of 316.6 km, gravelling of 6.85 km, dozing of 21.42 km, and compaction of 24.3 km. These numbers underscore the program’s dedication to delivering tangible results and creating a lasting impact on Nakuru County’s infrastructure.

As the heavy machinery continues its work, and dusty trails evolve into well-constructed roads, the Imarisha Barabara program stands as a testament to the commitment of Governor Susan Kihika’s administration to uplifting communities through enhanced connectivity. Nakuru County is not just witnessing a road transformation; it is experiencing a journey towards prosperity and improved livelihoods for its residents.

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