Transforming Umoja Estate, Kaptembwo ward


Progress and development are well underway in Umoja Estate, Kaptembwo Ward, Nakuru West Sub-County. A much-needed and eagerly awaited project, the construction of a drainage system, is now in full swing, and the community is already reaping the benefits.

Just days after the project was handed over to the contractor, the transformation is evident. The project located next to the Kaptembwo Community Resource Center, is set to cover a substantial distance of 230 meters upon completion. The aim is to provide a lasting and effective solution to the longstanding drainage issues that have plagued the area, ensuring that the drainage system can accommodate the volume of water effectively.

Engineers from the Department of Infrastructure are working thoroughly to oversee the progress, ensuring that every aspect of the project is executed to the highest standard. In addition to the Umoja Estate project, these engineers have also inspected the recently completed construction of the Lokicha, Tanners, and Bamba Road drainage system in Shabab Ward, Nakuru West Sub-County. The commitment to enhancing the local infrastructure is clear, and the community is witnessing positive change firsthand.

To guarantee the smooth flow of water from the newly constructed project, the authorities are taking proactive steps. They are cleaning an adjacent clogged drain that spans approximately 100 meters. This preventative measure is essential to avoid waterlogging and ensure that the new drainage system functions optimally.

The impact of these infrastructure improvements goes beyond mere construction; they promise a more resilient and vibrant community. The alleviation of drainage issues not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also safeguards against potential flooding and water-related problems during heavy rains. These developments demonstrate a commitment to progress, infrastructure enhancement, and the well-being of the community in Umoja Estate and surrounding areas. As these projects continue to unfold, they represent a brighter and more secure future for Nakuru West Sub-County.



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