Strengthening Financial Health in County’s Health Department


The County’s Department of Health has recently orchestrated a dynamic capacity-building engagement for Medical Superintendents and Level 3 facilities’ leaders. This initiative, backed by Jhpiego under The Challenge Initiative Project, unfolded as a crucial step in enhancing public finance management.

The gathering aimed to achieve a spectrum of goals, ranging from refreshing the team’s understanding of financial intricacies to diagnosing emerging issues and brainstorming effective solutions. The presence of County Executive Committee Member (CECM) Health, Roselyn Mungai, added weight to the discussion. Mungai actively engaged in capturing ideas that could optimize revenue collection and streamline fund utilization.

The event, a testament to Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to prudent financial practices as outlined in the Public Finance Management Act, signifies a pivotal moment for the County’s health sector. The involvement of key figures, including Chief Officer for Public Health Alice Abuki and County Director for Health Administration and Planning, Dr. Joy Mugambi, underscored the collaborative nature of the initiative.

Jhpiego’s support played a crucial role in catalyzing this endeavor. The Challenge Initiative Project’s backing not only highlights the significance of the initiative but also emphasizes the value of partnerships in addressing complex challenges within public health.

During the capacity-building engagement, participants delved into a comprehensive discussion covering various aspects of financial management. From revisiting fundamental concepts to addressing contemporary challenges, the forum provided a platform for collective learning and problem-solving. The active involvement of Medical Superintendents and Level 3 facilities’ leaders ensured that the insights gained would permeate through the entire healthcare ecosystem.

The commitment to optimal revenue collection and fund utilization reflects a forward-thinking approach that extends beyond the immediate challenges. It positions the County’s health sector to navigate the evolving landscape of public health with financial resilience.

As the conversation unfolded, the synergy between different stakeholders became evident. The insights gathered and solutions proposed during this forum are not just standalone measures but integrated components of a comprehensive strategy for financial health in the County’s Department of Health.

In conclusion, this capacity-building engagement serves as a beacon of progress in the County’s pursuit of robust financial practices within its health sector. With collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives, the stage is set for a health department that not only addresses current challenges but also stands resilient in the face of future uncertainties.

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