Water Infrastructure Inspection in Mercy Njeri: A Step Towards Improved Access by Nakuru County Government


The Department of Water, Environment, Energy, Climate Change, and Natural Resources, under the leadership of Dr. Maara, undertook a significant inspection today in Mercy Njeri, located in Menengai West Ward, Rongai Sub-County. This inspection focused on water distribution and pipe networking works, aimed at enhancing water accessibility for the community.

The initiative is expected to benefit over 7000 residents residing in the area. The comprehensive water distribution exercise will cover approximately 4.8 kilometers, extending its reach to vital community hubs such as Mercy Njeri center, primary and secondary schools. This endeavor is poised to address longstanding water scarcity issues and improve the quality of life for residents by ensuring access to clean and reliable water sources.

During the inspection, Dr. Maara emphasized the department’s commitment to enhancing water infrastructure and expanding access to potable water for all residents. He underscored the importance of such initiatives in promoting public health, supporting economic activities, and fostering community development.

Accompanying Dr. Maara were key stakeholders, including Rongai Sub-County Water Engineer, Paul Muhuhe, and officials from NARUWASCO (Nakuru Rural Water and Sanitation Company). Their presence signifies a collaborative effort to ensure the successful implementation of the water distribution project and underscores the importance of inter-agency cooperation in addressing water-related challenges.

The inspection provided an opportunity to assess the progress of ongoing works and identify any potential challenges that may need to be addressed. It also served as a platform for community engagement, allowing residents to voice their concerns and provide feedback on the project’s impact on their daily lives.

As the inspection concluded, stakeholders expressed optimism about the positive outcomes that the completed water distribution project will bring to Mercy Njeri and its surrounding areas. The project represents a significant step forward in the government’s efforts to improve water infrastructure and promote sustainable development in rural communities.

Moving forward, the Department of Water, Environment, Energy, Climate Change, and Natural Resources remains committed to ensuring the continued maintenance and sustainability of the water distribution system, thereby upholding its mandate to safeguard the environment and enhance the well-being of all residents.

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